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Monday Bites… (On a Tuesday)

May 29, 2012

Thoughts, inquiries, and photos from The Bite-Sized Baker… This week…

1. On Monday night, my friends and I celebrated the end of the year with a formal; basically an open bar in dresses. You know how that goes…

2. Maybe it’s graduation, the stress of finals, or day-after-drinking-anxiety, but I have been so homesick lately. All I want in life is to cuddle with my first love, Chandler… But until then, Thunder will have to take his place in Evanston.

3. I was so excited to experiment with different flavors of macarons this week that I didn’t waste any time before diving in head-first. Unfortunately, I failed on my first attempt. I complained, I moped, and then forgot about it. You’re on my list, Lemon Macarons, you oddly-shaped dradle, you!

4. Every year Northwestern University puts on a fake-wrestling production called, “Wrestlepocalypse,” and every year I am tempted to see what all the fuss is about. For my senior year, my friends and I finally went to support one of my best friends, Bo, as he defended his title as “Heavyweight Champion.” It was unusual, but nonetheless very entertaining.

5. To kick off Northwestern’s annual “Dillo Day,” there is always an 80’s-themed party the night before. I am a huge fan of costumes and can never say no to dressing up so I of course was also in attendance. On a casual jog to the local bar with Regan.

6. Dillo Day… Alcohol, music, food, drunk people, blur. Pretty much sums up Saturday.

7. I felt like death after Saturday, but Sunday was Tony’s fraternity’s formal… Once again, more drinking. We went to a hotel, hung out poolside all day, and then got all fancy for dinner and dancing.

8. Needless to say, Tony and I spent the Memorial Day holiday in a state of vegetation, complete with all-you-can-eat sushi, Italian ice, and The Walking Dead. Definitely a holiday to remember. Also, I think The Walking Dead may just be my new TV series! 

9. In other really exciting news… I got a Twitter! Follow me @bitesizedbaker.

10. And of course, no “Monday Bites…” post is complete without an update from the nugget. Look at those cheeks!

Hope you all had a terrific Memorial Day Weekend too!

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