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Monday Bites…

May 14, 2012
Thoughts, inquiries, and photos from The Bite-Sized Baker… This week.
  1. I had a revelation this week… As I looked down at my mismatched moccasins, I realized something… I’ve held on to the same old shoes for over four years! AND that my friends, is really gross… so I threw them out. It was tough but sometimes the right thing and the hardest thing are the same.
2. I’ve challenged myself to run to Chicago (~15 miles) by the end of this quarter so I am “training” my pace the next few weeks… I’ve been criticized for my running incompatibilities because I don’t have a set pace. I begin running at one speed and then sprint the rest of the distance because I get bored halfway through… It’s the child in me. But I can’t really afford to sprint 7.5 miles, so I shall train my pace! Scenes from my running adventures.
3. Some gross foodie finds this week! Liquefied Philly Cheesesteak Soup and an assortment of oddly flavored potato chips, including Dill Pickle, Ketchup, Kansas City Prime Steak, Baby Back Ribs, Salt and Pepper, and Buffalo and Blue Cheese. I only tried the Ketchup flavor, which tasted strikingly similar to fries dipped in ketchup.
4. You know when you make something so delicious you feel the need to constantly remind yourself of how much you rock? Yeah, these are like that.
5. We had beautiful weather on Friday and my friends and I went downtown to Tin Lizzie’s to see turtles racing… Yes, turtles racing. Safe to say, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen turtles race.
6. Saturday night was spent wining and dining with two of my best friends at a local Irish pub in Evanston, Celtic Knot. Beer-battered chicken tenders and the best ranch dressing I’ve ever consumed. I am also slightly obsessed with Snakebites, a lovely mix of cider, lager, and a shot of blackcurrant syrup. No complaints in this neck of the woods!
7. Unfortunately, jetting home for Mother’s Day Weekend isn’t in my budget so I spent Mother’s Day in Evanston. However, my family did an excellent job of sending me pictures throughout the day. We are an Instagraming-loving family. Is he not the cutest baby ever? And look at that hot mama!
8. Still working on the whole real-world job search thing… I’ve resorted to telling people my plans for next year are to become a bartender/dancer at Coyote Ugly when they ask me. There are lots of confused stares which I don’t clarify.
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  1. TracyD permalink
    May 14, 2012 10:19 am

    Ketchup, Dill Pickle and Salt & Pepper are popular flavours of chips in Canada.

  2. Rachel permalink
    May 14, 2012 1:39 pm

    Mmm I bet Dill Pickle would be good! and thank god you threw those shoes out, they made me nauseous looking at them!

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